Tired of not  feeling  good 
about yourself?
* Create your own power
* Stand in that power
* Energize and strengthen your body
* Lose weight
* Improve health
* Educate your mind  
* Strengthen your mind - Replace negative thinking with positive
* Relax and restore your body, mind and life
* Take control of your life/steer it in the direction of your choice
* Create positive home and work environment
* Elevate, educate and empower yourself
* Transform your body
* Reprogram your mind 
* Feel good about yourself
* Feel good about your life!

Are you ready to make 
positive changes in your life, 
but not sure how to go about it?

Take it from 
someone who's been there...

"Life is not always perfect.  I've experienced physical, emotional and verbal abuse, childhood trauma, low self-esteem and toxic relationships.  I've been through Hurricane Harvey, 2 divorces, death of my mother,  depression, a multi-level breakdown, and homelessness, twice!  T
hrough determination, faith and a passion to heal, I overcame these life challenges. Whatever you are dealing with in life, you CAN overcome it."  ~ Jillian Lambert

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More Energy, Less Weight Nutrition Consultation Would you like to lose weight?  Feel more energy?  Find out what most people don’t know about weight loss and energy!  During your session, we’ll discuss your personal diet, everyday lifestyle and how to feel better.  You’ll receive helpful nutrition information on how to lose weight and useful tips to increase energy!  

Real Fit Personal Training Session - Would you like to feel lean, strong and healthy?   Get fit with a “Real Fit” personal training session customized specifically for you.  You’ll receive physical fitness training as well as mental and emotional support during session.  Choose from cardio training, full-body strength training, core strength, yoga, pilates or stretch/flexibility to feel lean, strong and healthy!  


* Inspirational Book - Real Inspiration
* Inspirational Book - Real Resilience
* Wellness Mini-Book - Real Wellness
* Wellness Book- Original - Real Health Real Life 
* Inspirational Book - Real Pain Real Peace 
* Stretch/Yoga/Relaxation Video - Real Serenity 

Real Serenity Stretch - Stretch/Yoga/Meditation Session Would you like to be more flexible? And feel relaxed?  This session is a private full-body stretch, set to relaxing music, and ends with a serene meditation.  Real Serenity helps you decrease stress, increase flexibility, improve range of motion, posture, and oxygenate muscles.  Stretch your body, relax your mind and revitalize your spirit with Real Serenity.  

Real Wellness Health & Wellness Session -This session is an overall look at the life you are living and how to create the life you deserve.  You'll receive information on how to improve the physical, mental emotional, professional, and environmental aspects of life.  You'll learn how to take the reins of your own life and steer it in the direction of your choice!  Let Real Wellness help you feel good about your body, mind and life!  

Real Good Energy Home Consultation Did you know the energy in your home can affect your life?  Discover how Feng Shui can improve your Career, Love Life, Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Family and more by making a few, simple adjustments in your home!  
(If available, your house floor plan is helpful.)  


Credit Cards Accepted

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Wellness Book - 
Real Health Real Life  -   $19.99
E-Book -  $9.99

Inspirational Book -  
Real Pain Real Peace (print) - $15.99  
E-Book  - $3.99

Video - Real Serenity Yoga/Stretch/Relaxation DVD $19.99

Wellness Mini-Book - Real Wellness
Section 3 of original wellness book, Real Health Real Life
E-Book - $5.99


Credit Cards Accepted


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