Fitness Class Schedule 

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Due to conflicting work schedule,
class schedule is being revised.                                                                                                

Price: $5.00 - $8.00 per person, 
                                    per class

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Fitness Classes & 
Personal Training:

* Kickboxing   * HIIT   * Cycling   * Trekking  

* Boot Camp  * Interval Training  * Race Walk

* Strength Training  * Core  * Dance  * Hiking

* Water Aerobics  * Ball  * Bands  * Pilates

* Yoga   * Balance   * Stretch   * Rebounding

Fitness Class Descriptions:

Kick-Butt Kickboxing 
This class gives you calorie-
burning, kickboxing cardio,
strength training, and self-defense 
moves, all in one class!
Kick butts now...
We'll take names later!

Dance-N-Tone is a fun way to become
stronger and more toned. Dance-N-Tone 
is a combination of cardio and strength
training, giving you a full body workout. 
You'll work your upper body, 
lower body, and core all in one 
workout, all while having fun

Increase your strength, balance,
and flexibility while soaking up
the beauty of nature!  You'll
receive 3 options for each pose,
while choosing the option that's 
best for you.  This strength-building,
flexibility-improving class ends 
with a relaxing meditation.
Become stronger, more balanced, 
flexible, and more in tune with
naturewith outdoor Yoga
(Bring a mat, or towel/blanket.)

Core Strength
This class strengthens your core
(upper abs, lower abs, internal 
obliques, external obliques, back)
improves balance, and helps
increase flexibility! You'll work
your core and more!

Feel strong with this class by
strengthening your upper body,
lower body, and core, all in one 
class.  Strengthen and tone every
muscle in  your body with
Have a ball getting strong!

Real Serenity Stretch 
Real Serenity stretch is a full-body
stretch routine, set to relaxing
music, and ends with a serene
meditationReal Serenity helps 
you decrease stress, increase 
flexibility, improve range of
motion, posture, and oxygenate
muscles.  Stretch your muscles, 
relax your mind, and revitalize
your spirit, while stretching your
way to serenity.
(Bring a mat, or towel.)

Boot Camp
This class combines both cardio
and strength training. You'll
 work your upper body, lower body,
and core, while also getting in 
cardio. Boot camp class gives the
"couch potato" mode the boot!

Personal Training also available:

* 30 min. sessions
* 60 min. sessions

(Available in packages of 10, 5, or singles)

For  Fitness:
* Move your body
* Work your body
* Respect your body
* Rest your body
* Listen to your body

Core Components of  Fitness:
* Strength
* Speed
* Endurance


Other Fitness Components:
* Flexibility/Stretching

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