Leveling Up...

"Real wellness is about 
being real with yourself, 
and others.
It's about disconnecting 
from the 'external voices' and 
reconnecting with the real voice, 
your inner voice, the voice that has 
your best interest at heart."

~ Jillian R. Lambert-G

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Let Real Wellness
nourish your body, 
mind, and spirit.


* Exercise your body
* Nourish your body
* Real-ax your body
* Rest your body
* Respect your body 

* Positive Thinking
* Mental Stimulation 
* Affirmations
* Meditation
* Emotional Well Being

* Listen to Your Inner Voice
* Trust Your Inner Voice
* Act on Your Inner Voice
* Meditation
* Soul Activities
* Nature

Take your wellness to
a whole new level!

Wellness has many levels.
Real Wellness is section 3 of the original 
wellness book, Real Health Real Life. 
Real Wellness discusses 
mental, emotional, environmental, 
and spiritual wellness.

Real Wellness also discusses relationships, 
boundaries, self-love, self-empowerment, 
self-value, Ego Love vs. Real Love,
 therapy, emotional healing, 
body appreciation, positive thinking, 
feng shui, soul activities, and 
connecting with your inner voice.  

As a bonus, Real Wellness,
has 2 new sections!  
Let Real Wellness take your wellness to 
a whole new level!

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My mother, Sharon, who passed away in 2009, was a great inspiration to me.  Always exuding  love, warmth and kindness, she was a person who truly cared for people.  While educating herself, she dieted, exercised, and 
lost 130 pounds! My mother inspired me regarding fitness, nutrition, and determination, but more importantly inspired me with her beautiful spirit.  
My mother, my light, my inspiration.