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Everything starts with inspiration.

Real Inspiration provides
inspirational words of wisdom
to help improve emotional health 
and well being.

Each inspiring tip helps promote
self-esteem, self-reflection, and 

Real Inspiration also includes tips on
fitness, food, feng shui and 
empowering affirmations.

Overall, Real Inspiration helps
empower your mind, 
expand your heart, and
free your soul.

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Life requires resilience.

Real Resilience is an inspirational, true story 
about overcoming life challenges.  

Those who've had to recover, rebuild, 
and renew themselves, 
will relate to this challenging, 
yet inspiring story.  

Embrace compassion and 
revitalize your spirit, 
as Real Resilience shows you how to 
turn real destruction into real resilience!

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Real Pain Real Peace

Inspirational Book

an inspirational, true story 
about a life-changing breakdown 
on every level.  

The journey ranges from 
creation of a dream 
to financial devastation; 
excellent health to physical illness; 
a life of passion, to praying for death; 
a healthy mind to mental illness; 
a beautiful, five-acre home 
to bottomed-out  homelessness.  

Life goes from complete destruction; 
to total reconstruction; 
wavering faith to renewed spirit.

The physical, mental, emotional, financial 
and spiritual challenges 
transform in ways that will 
wrench your soul, 
and warm your heart. 

The author tells her riveting story 
in an inspirational way 
while sharing valuable life lessons.  

Learn from the valuable challenges 
and discover how to bring peace 
to your own body, mind and spirit.  

Real Pain Real Peace shows how 
courage, determination, and faith 
can turn real pain 
into real peace."

"This incredible woman has 
an amazing story to share.
Read about her personal journey 
through total and complete devastation 
in every level of her life, 
to rising up from the ashes of despair, 
still standing strong 
and finding peace 
at the end of her quest of 
living an authentic life."  

~ Ron Bowles, IN

Real Pain Real Peace

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