Being Real 
Helps Heal.


"It takes strength,
 to be real with yourself
and others."

~ Jillian R. Lambert

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Life is stressful. 
To escape stress we 'numb out' by 
overeating, over drinking, 
overspending, etc. 
In the book, Real Health Real Life, 
the author 'gets real' by sharing 
real life experiences and provides 
various wellness techniques to 
get you back on track.  
The nutrition section discusses 
different ways of eating, juicing, 
and internal cleansing.  
The fitness section focuses on both 
physical fitness, and mental fitness.  
The wellness section discusses 
emotional health, relationships, 
Ego Love vs. Real Love, spirituality, 
loving, honoring, and valuing yourself.  

Overall, Real Health Real Life helps 
strengthen your body, 
empower your mind, 
and heal your soul.

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Leveling Up...

Wellness has many levels.

Real Wellness is section 3 of the original 
wellness book, Real Health Real Life
Real Wellness discusses 
mental, emotional, environmental, 
and spiritual wellness.

Real Wellness also reviews relationships, 
boundaries, self-love, self-empowerment, 
self-value, Ego Love vs. Real Love, 
therapy, emotional healing, 
body appreciation, positive thinking, 
feng shui, soul activities, and 
connecting with our inner voice.
Let Real Wellness take your wellness to whole new level!

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 Life requires resilience.


Real Resilience is an inspirational, true story 
about overcoming life's challenges.  

Those who've had to recover, rebuild, 
or renew themselves, 
will relate to this challenging, 
yet inspiring story.  

Embrace compassion and 
revitalize your spirit
 with Real Resilience 
as it shows you how strength, 
determination, and faith 
can turn real destruction 
into real resilience!   

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Everything starts with 

Real Inspiration provides 
inspirational words of wisdom 
to help improve emotional health 
and well being.

Each inspiring tip helps promote 
self-esteem, self-reflection, 
and self-love. 

Real Inspiration also includes tips on 
fitness, food, feng shui, and 
empowering affirmations.  

Overall,  Real Inspiration helps
empower your mind, 
expand your heart, and 
free your soul.

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"On the other side of pain 
is peace."

Real Pain Real Peace is an inspirational, 
true story about a life-changing breakdown 
on every level.  

The author's journey ranges from 
creation of a dream 
to financial devastation; 
excellent health to physical illness; 
a life of passion to praying for death; 
a healthy mind to mental illness;
a beautiful five-acre home 
to bottomed-out homelessness.  

Life goes from complete destruction 
to total reconstruction, 
wavering faith to renewed spirit.  
The physical, mental, emotional, financial, and 
spiritual challenges transform in ways 
that will wrench your heart, 
yet soothe your soul!  
The author tells her riveting story 
in an inspirational way 
while sharing valuable life lessons.   

Real Pain Real Peace shows you how 
determination, courage, and faith 
can turn real pain into real peace."

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"Although we may not see while experiencing it, 
pain can be our friend."
~ Real Pain Real Peace

(A portion of the sales go to restore the ocean)

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A  STRONG mind 
creates a STRONG body.

Training the mind is crucial when 
training the body.  
Real Fitness is section 2 of wellness book, 
Real Health Real Life and addresses 
both physical and mental fitness.  

In addition to cardio, strength, and flexibility, 
Real Fitness also addresses things 
that affect fitness; 
metabolism, hormones, sleep, chiropractic, 
acupunctureand environmental factors. 
The author also 'gets real' 
by providing real life experiences.  

Let Real Fitness help you create 
a strong mind and body!

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Real Nutrition comes 
from Real Food.

Real Nutrition is section 1 from 
wellness book, Real Health Real Life.  
Real Nutrition is written in a 
down-to-earth style 
and easy to understand.
Real Nutrition includes 
raw food, cooked food, 
enzymes, juicing, recipes, 
thought-less eating, thought-full eating, 
detox, internal cleansing, elimination, 
weight loss, Candida, energy, 
holistic health, and getting back on track.
The author also 'gets real' 
by providing real life experiences.

Let Real Nutrition nourish your body!

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Fitness, Nutrition 
& Wellness 

Real Health Handouts is the appendix of 
wellness book, Real Health Real Life.  
Real Health Handouts is a compilation 
of handouts that address 
physical, mental, emotional, nutritional 
and environmental aspects 
of health and well-being. 
Handouts include tips on fitness, nutrition, 
energy, juicing, cleansing/detox menu, 
weight loss, restaurant and party eating, allergy diet, 
recipes, metabolism, journaling, mirror work, 
positive affirmations, healing stones, chakras, 
feng shui, and a wellness lifestyle handout.

Real Health Handouts is for those 
who desire a quick, "bullet-point" approach 
to acquiring knowledge.  
Real Health Handouts is an easy read, 
provides valuable information and 
can be used as a wellness reference guide.

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Wellness & Inspiration Books





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Real Serenity 
Stretch/Yoga Video 

Stretch / Yoga
Balance / Flexibility
Meditation Relaxation

Real Serenity is a 30 minute full-body 
stretch routine set to relaxing music.  
This relaxing flexibility routine provides 
a gentle warm-up, full-body stretches, 
modified yoga poses, 
and a serene meditation. 

Real Serenity is designed to:
 * Improve muscle strength
* Keep muscles supple
* Oxygenate muscles
* Improve posture 
* Increase range of motion   
* Decrease stress
* Relax your mind
* Revitalize spirit 
Stretch your way to serenity.

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* Mentally
* Physically
* Nutritionally 
* Emotionally
* Spiritually
* Real-istically


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