Real Wellness 
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Author-Jillian Lambert       Wellness Book

Wellness has many levels. 
Real Wellness is section 3 of the original 
wellness book, Real Health Real Life
that touches on every level of wellness; 
physical, mental, nutritional, 
emotional and environmental.

Real Wellness also discusses relationships, 
boundaries, self-love, self-empowerment, 
self-value, Ego Love vs. Real Love, 
life choices, therapy, emotional healing, 
body appreciation, positive attitude, 
feng shui, soul activities, and 
connecting with your inner voice.

As a bonus, Real Wellness has 2 new sections!  
Let Real Wellness enhance your 
wellness on every level!

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Life requires resilience...

Inspirational book 
Real Resilience 
Available on Kindle!  
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      Inspirational Book

Life requires resilience.  
Real Resilience is an inspirational, true story 
about overcoming life's challenges.  

Those who've had to recover, rebuild, 
or renew themselves, 
will relate to this challenging, 
yet inspiring story.  

Embrace compassion and revitalize your spirit 
as it shows you how strength, 
determination, and faith 
can turn real destruction 
into real resilience!   

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Wellness Book             Yoga/Stretch/Meditation 

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"On the other side of pain is peace."

    Real Pain Real Peace
Inspirational Book
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Real Pain Real Peace is an inspirational, 
true story about a life-changing breakdown 
on every level.  

The author's journey ranges from 
creation of a dream 
to financial devastation; 
excellent health to physical illness; 
a life of passion to praying for death; 
a healthy mind to mental illness;
a beautiful five-acre home 
to bottomed-out homelessness.  

Life goes from complete destruction 
to total reconstruction, 
wavering faith to renewed spirit.  

The physical, mental, emotional, financial and 
spiritual challenges transform in ways that will 
wrench your soul, 
yet warm your heart!  
The author tells her riveting story 
in an inspirational way 
while sharing valuable life lessons.  
Learn from her transforming challenges 
and discover how to bring peace 
to your own body, mind and spirit.  

Real Pain Real Peace shows you how 
determination, courage and faith 
can turn real pain into real peace."

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"Although we may not see while experiencing it, 
pain can be our friend."

(A portion of the sales go to restore the ocean)

Real Serenity Stretch video/DVD:   
* Stretch/Yoga
* Balance
* Flexibility

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Wellness Book:
* Fitness 
* Holistic Nutrition 
* Self-Love
* Self-Value
* Self-Empowerment 
* Internal Cleansing 
* Emotional Health 

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* Mentally
* Physically
* Nutritionally 
* Emotionally
* Spiritually
* Real-istically


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